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The veterinary wholesales department of "Veletex" deals with the supply of veterinary clinics with drugs and equipment. The assortment of veterinary wholesales includes over 500 products, veterinary drugs, mineral-vitamin supplements, DDD products and medical supplies. In conjunction with the Kalia garden center, Sto Posto animal feed and various brands of pet food and equipment are sold in this sector.

Through the rapidly developing veterinary wholesale sector, we have become the exclusive representative of "Veterinary Institute Subotica", distributor of Zagreb's "Genera" as well as British "Norbrook". In cooperation with regional distributors in this area, in our wholesale drugstore you can also find products from many manufacturers from Europe such as: Virbac, Merial, MSD, VMD, Calier, Bioveta, Provet, Alfasan, Huverpharma, OBP, CZ Veterinaria Vet Medic, Krka, Kela, FM Pharm, Ceva, VZ Zemun.
In addition to veterinary medicines, the Veterinary Wholesales department is an importer and distributor of disinfectants, disinsections and rodenticides manufactured by Ekosan, Novartis, BASF and VZ Subotica, GAT, Syngenta, as well as mineral and vitamin supplements Lek and Interhemija.