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Naše voće - Župa Nikšićka

On the site of the former agricultural cooperative "Župa" in Župa Nikšićka, we built a modern intensive apple and amarena orchard. In a period of five years, a plantation was built on the 44-hectare property using the most modern technology currently available.


On an area of 35 hectares, the intensive plantation of apples is represented in the gala, fuji, red and golden delicious and granny smith varieties. The calibration equipment provides fruit sorting according to all important characteristics.

Fruit Processing

We produce juice from our apple, as well as other fruits and vegetables, on a modern line for cold pressing juice, from the Austrian manufacturer Kreuzmayr. Juices of the 'Our Fruit' brand are sold in all major supermarkets in Montenegro.

Fruit storage

Long-term preservation of apple freshness is ensured by the most modern and only ULO (ultra-low-oxygen) cooling chamber in Montenegro. The operation of the ULO chamber is strictly controlled because it manages the atmosphere in the protected space where the structure of the air changes.


The technology of dense planting originates from the area of Bolzano in Italy. It is reflected in the dense arrangement of seedlings at a distance of 60-100 cm, a modern system for irrigation and fertigation, as well as the placement of an anti-hail net.