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KALIA garden centers are recognizable for their rich assortment in the field of horticulture and floriculture, seed goods, all types of planting material, mineral and organic fertilizers, as well as agricultural tools and equipment, animal feed and pet food, as well as landscaping services.

Landscaping services

If you want to arrange your garden, garden, park or any green area quickly and with quality, our horticulture, landscape architecture and agronomy engineers are at your service. You can leave the selection of planting material to our experts or, in agreement with them, make your own proposal, which, if the climatic conditions allow, will certainly be accepted.

Agriculture advisory

In all our retail stores, a team of experts in the field of agronomy will give you all the necessary advice for the successful care of your vineyard, orchard, field, garden or decorative plants and flowers. In the best-equipped agricultural pharmacies in Montenegro, you will find all the necessary products for preventive or curative treatment of plants.

Irrigation systems

Successful agricultural production, a good garden or lawn are hard to imagine without good irrigation. Contact our engineers who, according to your needs, will design an automatic or manual irrigation system. The quality of these services is best illustrated by the fact that for over 15 years there has not been a single complaint about the implemented systems.

Cutflowers wholesale

By building a modern refrigerating store for the storage of cut flowers, we have created the conditions for its storage at a temperature of +3 degrees Celsius, ensuring longevity and availability at all times. Also, successive deliveries from the Netherlands are on a weekly basis, ensuring constant freshness of flowers. Therefore, if you have a flower shop anywhere in Montenegro, please contact our garden center where you will be informed about the way of cooperation.

Equipment for beekeepers, winemakers and winegrowers

For years, garden centers "KALIA" have been recognized for their wide range of equipment for beekeepers, winegrowers and winegrowers. In the offer you will find all the products needed for the complete technological process, starting with seedlings, pruning shears, trop barrels, brandy kettles, strainers, filters, fillers, bottles and caps, as well as beehives and their parts, beekeeping tools and equipment, etc.

Meet our team

Schedule a meeting with our colleagues and find out everything about the possibilities of cooperation with the distribution department

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