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We have been successfully growing and developing for more then 30 years based on the consistent business strategy and a team of highly skilled professionals.

About Us

The company "Veletex" was founded on January 17, 1992 by the entrepreneurial initiative of Vlastimir Golubović and his family. At the very beginning of the privatization process in Montenegro, "Veletex" concludes a contract with state funds on the purchase of the majority share package of the joint-stock company "Agroexport Bar-Promet" from Bar. From January 1, 2004, after the implementation of the restructuring procedure through the merger of "Agroexport", "Veletex" operates as a joint-stock company, until the beginning of 2013, when it again changes its organizational form to a limited liability company (doo).


Today, LLC "Veletex" is one of the most successful companies in the group of small and medium-sized companies, based on the results it achieves in its work and a wide network of business partners from the Western Balkans and Europe. It employs more than 100 workers and generates annual revenues of over 10 million euros. A modern business complex - "Veletex" - was renovated and built on the site of the former trading company "Titograd Trade", which is located at the seventh kilometer from Podgorica, right next to the main road towards the airport. The main activity of the company is carried out through four sectors, namely: 1) Sector for the sale of food products, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, chemical products, small inventory and communal equipment. 2) Sector for the sale of equipment and raw materials for agricultural production, animal feed as well as food and equipment for pets, cut and potted flowers, ornamental plants, with the provision of biodecoration, engineering, design and construction services. Within this sector, the chain of Garden Centers "Kalia" operates with retail stores in Podgorica, Nikšić, Bar, Herceg Novi, Danilovgrad, Pljevlja, Berane and Bijelo Polje. 3) The service sector through which goods storage services are organized in own customs and public warehouses at three temperature regimes, as well as representation of third parties before customs authorities. 4) The veterinary wholesaler is engaged in the wholesale of veterinary drugs, mineral-vitamin supplements, DDD products and medical supplies. The company has been operating positively since its establishment, and the financial indicators assure that it is a very profitable collective that has chosen the right development concept and established close cooperation with a large number of related and manufacturing companies in the surrounding area and in Europe. Thanks to such a relationship, the highest quality goods from Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, Italy, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Hungary and other countries have found their way to the market of Montenegro, and a number of clients of this joint-stock company express their desire to invest their capital in development programs on area of Montenegro. The development line continues with the expansion of activities in the tourism sector. In March 2008, by purchasing 50% of the shares of DOO Mont-Mak from Bar, we became co-owners of the attractive tourist complex Dobra Voda, the renovation of which was completed in August 2009. The complex was renamed "Ruža Vjetrova Resort" doo and represents a tourist product of the highest quality. You can see more about it here or directly on the website The mentioned development was helped in many ways by the successful cooperation and significant credit support of financial institutions, especially Crnogorska Komercijalna Banka.


Our mission is to create satisfied clients in the long run by having a good relations with our business partners, final customers, by providing high quality products and services, supplying a quality products, as well as providing advisory services and education. With constant development and expansion of the business fields we aim to create a sustainable egzistence for our company, while increasing the satisfaction of our employees.


We strive to achieve a leadership role in developing our local market and become a leader in our fields of business based on the knowledge of the competent and successful people, strong infrastructure and modern technologies.

Quality policy

We are dedicated to: * Answering the requests, needs and expectations of our clients with the optimal price to quality ratio of our products and services, in the right time and in the right way. * Constant development of our potentials while increasing the happiness of our employees by right motivation and  training, all in favor of customers` satisfaction and further growth and company development. * Increasing the equity value through profitable financial operations. * Maintaining and improving of good business relations with our suppliers while increasing turnovers. * Closely following and respecting all the relevant laws, paying taxes and various financial obligations while supporting environment protection actions. * Continuous maintenance of the food safety standards based on HACCP regulations. It is achieved by implementation of the quality management system through ISO 9001:2015 international standard.

After two decades of company development, we have estimated that it is the right time to arrange our organization according to international standards. Already at the beginning of 2010, we were certified for the successful implementation of the international standard ISO9001, and a year later, HACCP.


Food safety in our distribution has the highest priority, and to that end, we implemented and certified HACCP procedures in 2011 by the renowned French certification company Bureau Veritas.

ISO 9001

As a result of efforts to improve the management system, the company "Veletex" implemented and certified the international standard ISO 9001 in 2010.

SME Excellent

Since 2015, the company "Veletex" has been the holder of the "SME Excellent" certificate issued by the Chamber of Commerce of Montenegro in cooperation with the credit rating company "Coface".

Media materials

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